The Promotion, Explained

Custom App Creators loves a promotion as much as the next person, so we created one of our own. Because the home page graphic was too small to fit all the details, we’ve laid them out for you here. As always, if you have questions just shoot them over.
The Financing Part, Explained
So, what we mean is that we want you to choose us for your new app and to show you how we feel about that, we want to do something nice for you. Somebody owes you a big thanks and we suspect that’s us.

Apps are an investment. They introduce functionality that can really help your bottom line and there’s just no denying the optics of a company that has its own app. Envious competitors are sure to follow.

Apps are big ticket items, and not all of our clients have deep pockets. A fully loaded app can hit the mid thirties easily, and that’s a fair chunk of change. So, here’s our offer. We’ll build your app with the features and specifications that you need and want. Instead of cutting a cheque for the whole amount however, you put down a 25% deposit and we’ll spread the rest out over a 12-month period, interest-free.

So, if your app happened to cost $24,000 (for easy math) you’d put down $6,000 and we’d take the $18,000 balance at $1,500 a month for 12 months.

Talk about breathing room.
The Free Website Part, Explained
Some companies DO have deep pockets and have no troubles cutting a cheque for their new app right on the spot. For them, we have a different choice. They can get a new website.

As it happens, Custom App Creators makes some of the finest corporate websites to be found. Yes, we should be humbler, but nothing goes better with a brand-new app than a brand-new website. You can see samples of the websites here.

We’ll make one for you.

The Promotion Terms and Conditions

As always, there are terms and conditions and clarifications of limitations and so on. These are ours, presented in our plain English version. The legalese will appear on the contract.
"Buy an App. Choose either 0% Financing…" (Terms)
Apps are said to come in two sizes: those that connect to a server, and those that don’t. Few apps are built that don’t connect to a server, and they don’t cost much to start with, so we aren’t including them in our promo.

Apps that do connect to servers are more complex to design, build and implement. They cost more and those are the ones that we are including in our promo. Being able to finance such an app is a real bonus to a business that is managing their cash flow diligently.

We’ll present you with a contract that will include all of the estimated costs for the app and any add-ons such as App Integration, App Training, App Support and App Marketing. The total estimated (adjusted as changes are requested) will be divided into fourths. One fourth you put down as the app goes live. The rest you begin paying in equal installments thirty days later until you have made twelve equal payments.

For those choosing to have a great new website built, we will design, create and host a website of the highest possibl e quality for your company. Because websites come in all sizes (from single-page sites to we will restrict your site to a home page, an about page, a product and a services page (up to 10 products and 20 services) and a contact page. Additional pages or products or services, additional fees. Same for special functionality.

This may sound minimalist and it is. We have to be careful what we are getting into. Some sites require databases and can stretch on for miles. Some have a handful of products and services to showcase and may need a little more than the core pages.

We are going to leave this one open-ended. We promise the core site but if we don’t think it’ll consume entire departments, we may elect to go ahead and add all of your products and services gratis. A friendly conversation will tell us where we are going.
Why Financing or Free Web? Why not offer something else?
Custom App Creators believes that websites and custom apps go hand-in-hand. Because we actually create the apps and the websites, we are in a better position to help our clients to achieve their goals with as much flexibility and breathing room as they need. We feel it’s a win-win. We hope you feel that way, too.