App Design is the planning and "blueprinting" of the new app. This is the most important step in the creation of any app. If it doesn’t feel right, nobody will use it. If it's not designed right, it'll cost you later in support. 

Only user interviews will tell you what the users (employees) want. There is no way around it.


A good app that serves the employees of a fair-sized company is going to come in at $12k--$20k including the design document. They can go as high as $36k. If it goes over that, it's because you've requested extended capabilites. The difference in the two figures depends on whether your app is goimg to communicate with a back-end server. As always, an accurate price can only be determined with a proper consultation. Don't be shy to call.

That Angry Birds or AirBNB lookalike you have in mind will exceed $500k plus a new Mercedes every month thereafter.

Making the new app a part of your company is called Integration. This involves rollout events, employee training and telephone support.

We provide all of this, something that is rare among design and programming houses.


There are two types of mobile devices: iPhones and Androids. In the earlier days of app programming, we'd make a version of the app for one or the other.

Today, we use a language called React Native. This powerful language can work across all devices, reducing programming coasts and ensuring a strong and reliable app. Your representative can tell you whether the app you want built can use this wonderful language.

Custom App Creators offers training and support for every app we create. We know that employees can't always get away for classroom training, so we offer app-based training including videos and quizzes.

Support is offered onscreen, by Messenger or email or by phone. These are called Service Level Agreements. Options will be presented to you at time of quote.

Apps can be expensive, especially if there are a lot of features being requested.

Custom App Creators often eases the cost burden by offering to finance the new app, usually over a 12 month period. We'll take some money up front and spread the rest out. Ask your representative for details.