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Custom App Creators should be the first step in your journey to a new mobile app, website or web development. An excellent resource for newbies.

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Why Custom App Creators?

We're Patient

Got an idea for an app? We're happy to chat about it. We're patient. There is no sale until you tell us there is.

We're on Fire!

We're on fire. Creativity is rampant here and it's all about you. We've got ideas and talent and you've got us.

We're all Certified

We know what we're doing (and a little bit more). Everybody here has their expertise and they go all out for you.

You'll Look Like a Star

We only have one job here and that's making you look great. Apps have a job to do and ours are designed to do it well.

Better Apps


If you get the idea that we are all about the design, you get the idea. Better design means better acceptance, reduced support and better results overall.


We program our apps to work on iPhones, Androids or both. We use languages that can seriously reduce programming time, which reduces costs.


App integration means bringing the new app alongside your business operations. Getting employee buy-in is critical. We've got this one.


Learning is made fun for all levels of employees with videos and quizzes. Employees learn to accept and maximize the new app, which maximizes results.

Image of a custom app on an iphone screen
Image of a custom app on an iphone screen


Image of a client leaving a testimonial

CT Williams

VP Sales

Custom App Creators has a soft, patient approach that allows us to go as slowly and carefully as we need. Other companies we asked only cared about getting a contract and a deposit.

Image of a client leaving a testimonial

Pierre Goulet


Highly recommended. Custom App took immediate interest in our iPad app idea and before long, we were into the design phase. Very exciting! We are in good hands. You will be, too.

Image of a client leaving a testimonial

Stephanie Miller

Calgary, AB

Shout out to your team. You guys rock! The app was well accepted by our employees and is getting us meaningful data. We'll recommend you to our friends in the oil & gas industry.