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App Design


The blueprint for your upcoming app. Delivered as a document with a prototype to help you envision the final product.

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App Programming


Expert programmers create the app, testing at every step and ensuring a solid, stable product.

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App Integration


Integration brings the completed app alongside your operation with rollout, training and support.


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By the Numbers

We let our customers tell our story for us, one questionnaire at a time. Turns out, there's room for improvement. 


We measure everything, including the quality and effectiveness of everything we produce. We use a third-party questionnaire so results can't be tainted. We want to know what's working and what needs improvement. We'll never get to 100%, but we can sure get close. One client at a time. 

App Design 90%
App Programming 98%
App Marketing 94%

Any Questions?

We have an idea for an app. Everybody says "come back when you have a design doc". What do they mean?

It means they program, but they don't design. Run away. 


App design is the planning and blueprinting of the new app. This is the most important step in the creation of any app. If it doesn’t feel right, nobody will use it. If it's not designed right, it'll cost you later in support. 


Only user interviews will tell you what the users (employees) want. There is no way around it. 


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Calgary, AB, Winnipeg, MB and Montreal, QC. Enter the exciting world of app design and programming!

What to Expect

App Design
App Programming
App Integration
App Design

The app design phase of the build is so important that it literally affects every aspect of the final product, rollout and tech support. A well-designed app will work well and be accepted by the audience for whom it's intended. It will also require less tech support. 


Good design starts with good consultation with department heads and employees. Their input is what matters. Consultation also leaves them with an important sense of inclusion. Design includes the design document and a basic, working prototype. 

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